Powder Creek Pavilions

Summer Lineup

Just letting everyone know what is our to be our  Covid-19 mode of operation. Since we do not serve alcohol we are not classified as a bar.

1. Being an outside operation allows us to spread out our tables and chairs to maximize social distancing.

2. We now have inside restroom facilities. That have hand wash stations and will be kept in sanitized condition.

3. Small bottles of hand sanitizer will be on each table.

4. Face masked will be encouraged but not required. Face masks will be sold at the gate for $1 each if you want.

5. No touch temperature will be taken at the gate.

6. Our employees will kindly encourage larger groups of people to spread out.

7. When dancing couples should maintain household and close social groups.
While observing distance from other couples.

Our goal is to provide a safe, enjoyable, and Family friendly environment. 👍👍

Powder Creek Pavilion

520 S. Center St.

Bonham, TX. 75418


The "Powder Creek Pavilion" is the latest offshoot of "Massey's Music" that is the culmination of music production experience over  past 20 years. We have been the stage and lighting experts for Festivals,

Concerts, Corporate events, Weddings, Quinceaneras, Fundraisers, Banquettes, Church Events, Athletic events, and every other kind event known to man kind. You name it and we have done it before.

The facility itself is on over 5 acres the majority commonly used for parking. The pavilion roof over the entertainment area is 92 ft. long X 86 ft. wide X 20 ft. tall. We have tables and chairs for 400 People with plenty of room for lawn chairs and such. We provide a 32 ft. X 24 ft. X 4 ft. stage area with stairs and ramp. We provide large barrel fans for circulation, restroom facilities, and a concession stand. For personal events catering is permitted. Any Alcoholic beverages consumed must be in compliance with Texas State Law.

The sound system is a 40,000 W digital sound system 12 X 18" Sub-woofers, 10 mid/hi arrays, up to 6 monitor mixes. all the mics and cables required. Professional sound engineer operating the system.

Computerized LED DMX Lighting, 50 LED Pars, 6 ~ 230W 7R Sharpies Moving Heads, a dozen smaller moving heads, dance floor effect lighting, and hazer.

An Outdoor Facility with a large roof. It comes with all the stage, sound and lighting needed to pull off the event with class. We can provide staffing, security, and all your other needs.

Call us for your free Quote. 903-227-1911